Quick hello from Ilha Formosa!

Sorry – no time to write a proper post but just wanted to let you all know that I’ve arrived safely; my suitcase & I were tearfully reunited (full story later) and am now getting down to the important business of EATING my way around Taiwan! ;-)

We’re in Taipei this weekend – and then heading down to south Taiwan first thing Mon morning, to the hospital. Will hopefully have more time once we’re settled in hospital to write properly!

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13 thoughts on “Quick hello from Ilha Formosa!

  1. Glad to hear you made it safely!! And that your suitcase did indeed come along for the ride…. Just based on time it must not have been delayed too badly, but any baggage trauma is NOT GOOD – particularly on a trip as long as yours. :-) Can’t wait for the details!

    P.S. — Whatcha eatin’??

    P.P.S. — Just noticed your comment above the link to Honey’s blog — “For a much more exciting life than mine….” — Laughing hysterically ’cause, while it may be true — Grendel’s life is certainly more interesting than MINE — no one reading your last post would EVER think your life is boring! :-)

    • I’m having a “Mos Burger” – which is sort of like a Japanese version of McDonalds, where the “buns” are made of rice pressed into flat patties (instead of bread) and the fillings range from thinly sliced teriyaki beef to grilled fish to other Asian style stuff (instead of minced meat patties). I love it and can only have it when I come back to Taiwan (or visit Singapore).

      Yeah, had some major dramas with my suitcase which didn’t quite leave Hong Kong on the same plane as me…so I arrived in Taipei with nothing but the clothes on my back. Spent an uncomfortable night…but as I said, thankfully we’re reunited now! ;-)

  2. Hsin-Yi hope everythning goes well for your Mum’s operation and she has a speedy recovery. Look forward to hearing more news when you have time. Glenda,Bree & Phoenix.

  3. So glad you arrived safely Hsin-Yi – and I knew you would blog about food first – he he he. I am praying for your Mama’s surgery today (it is Monday here in the states).

    xo – Diane

  4. Was playing ketchup (catch up) and saw this post of the picture of the McDonalds place. Mommy could go for a burger right now — not sure she would eat one of Moss though :) Thanks for sharing the picture.

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